Senior Consultants

Michael Turner, President

With over 18 years of utility industry experience, Mr. Turner serves Chymko Consulting’s clients with technical and financial analysis related to electric and natural gas markets. Mr. Turner’s experience in these matters covers all aspects of utility tariffs, from the financial policies that drive overall rate levels to the analysis that determines the rate paid by the end-use customer. This allows Mr. Turner to lead projects advocating on behalf of our clients’ interests related to industry restructuring, regulatory proceedings, and commercial contract negotiations. This detailed knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms behind Canada’s energy utility industry permits Mr. Turner to provide pertinent and valuable advice and support for a wide range of complementary issues, such as:

  • The decision to out-source or to provide services in-house.
  • The development of effective billing or accounting systems.
  • Transfer pricing between corporate affiliates.
  • Energy procurement.
  • The evaluation of business opportunities.
  • Analysis of market trends.

Phone: (403) 781-7691


Nigel Chymko, Senior Consultant

Mr. Chymko has 40 years of extensive experience with energy utilities. From 1980 to 1998, he served a large energy utility in Alberta at the executive level. As a senior executive, he strategically positioned the company in a restructured competitive electricity marketplace, which involved financial restructuring and the establishment of a new corporate entity. In this capacity, Mr. Chymko was responsible for Energy Trading, Business Planning, Regulatory Affairs, Financial Services, and Corporate Communication. He was also responsible for corporate regulatory affairs pertaining to natural gas and telecommunications. As a member of the Alberta government’s Advisory Committee on the deregulation of the electricity industry, he ensured that the interests of the utility, its shareholder, and customers were protected in the development of legislation and regulations.

Phone: (403) 781-7690


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