AltaLink 2024-2025 NSA Application

In proceeding 28174, AltaLink Management Inc. (AltaLink) applies to the Alberta Utilities Commission (the Commission) for the approval of a negotiated settlement agreement (NSA). The NSA was made between AltaLink, the Alberta Direct Connect Customers, the Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta (CCA), the Alberta Federation of REA’s Ltd. (AFREA), the Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA), and the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA).

The Commission permitted a negotiated settlement process on all but the following two matters:[1]

  • AltaLink’s proposed wildfire deferral account.
  • AltaLink’s request to recover $11 million in returns incurred over the 2022-2023 period that apply to 2019-2021 actual salvage expenditures.

Additionally, parties involved in the negotiated settlement agreed to exclude three additional matters that are closley related to the two excluded by the Commission:[2]

  • AltaLink’s 2024-2025 forecast salvage expenditures.
  • AltaLink’s 2019-2023 actual salvage expenditures.
  • AltaLink’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan business cases.

The NSA also did not result in any changes to AltaLink’s terms and conditions.[3]

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