ATCO’s 2018-2023 Transmission Deferral Accounts Decision

In Proceeding 26573, the Alberta Utilities Commission (the Commission) issued its decision regarding the 2018-2023 Transmission Deferral Accounts disposal of ATCO Electric Ltd. (ATCO). Central to this proceeding was ATCO’s Jasper Interconnection Project (the Jasper Project), in which it was found that ATCO sole-sourced one of its contracts at above-market rates. In making its decision to disallow over $7.6 million in cost recovery, the Commission considered the way ATCO prepared for and managed the Jasper Project and ATCO’s treatment of cancelled customer project costs. The Commission also directs a reduction associated with the sole-sourced contract, but the exact amount depends on ATCO calculating the value of the contract in its compliance filing.

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