Enforcement Staff and City of Grande Prairie Settlement Agreement

The City of Grande Prairie constructed and began operating a 666-kilowatt power plant within the city between January and April 2021. Grande Prairie offered as a reason, and the Alberta Utilities Commission accepted, that Grande Prairie did not realize that the Hydro and Electric Energy Regulation and Rule 007 impose requirements on small power plants. Therefore, Grande Prairie did not file an application with the Commission for approval to construct and operate the power plant. The Commission Enforcement staff (Enforcement staff) began an investigation into the power plant after receiving two noise complaints. Grande Prairie and Enforcement staff subsequently engaged in discussions that produced a settlement agreement, which was then submitted to the Commission. In this decision, the Commission approves the settlement agreement.[1]


Prompted by two noise complaints in December 2021, Enforcement staff started investigating the power plant to determine whether Grande Prairie complied with Rule 012: Noise Control. Enforcement staff determined that the power plant was operating without approval and in contravention of Rule 012. In January 2023, the Commission granted Grande Prairie approval to operate the power plant, subject to Grande Prairie: [2]

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