ENMAX’s R&V Application of the PBR3 K-bar Mechanism

In proceeding 28574, ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX) applies for a review and variance of the K-bar mechanism approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (the Commission) for the third generation of performance-based regulation (PBR3). ENAMX asserts that the Commission erred in believing that the K-bar would provide ENMAX with sufficient funding and seeks the Commission to grant a review of the PBR3 K-bar. ENMAX’s case is grounded in its concern that the approved K-bar does not meet ENMAX’s needs to fund the replacement of its aging assets or to respond to the growing need to modernize the grid. Furthermore, ENMAX states that the current K-bar will force the utility to choose which benefits its customers will forgo and that it may have to put off investment into reliability drivers, externally driven projects, and grid modernization to prioritize safety on its network.[1]

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