Micro-Generation Proposal Dispute

In Proceeding 28139, ATCO Electric Ltd. (ATCO) issued a notice of dispute over whether a micro-generation unit proposed by EvolvSolar meets the generator qualifications outlined in the Micro-Generation Regulation.

EvolvSolar and its client applied to ATCO to construct a solar system that would produce 296,667 kWh per year to power a farm grain drying process. ATCO did not approve the application because the site usage averaged only 204,600 kWh over the past two years (2021 and 2022). The Micro-Generation Regulation defines a micro-generation unit as one intended to meet all or a portion of the site’s annual energy consumption. ATCO, as the wires owner, believes the proposed project does not qualify as a micro-generation unit since it might produce more energy than what is consumed on site.[1]

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