Residential Standards of Service and Maximum Investment Levels (MILs) Proceeding Issues List

In Proceeding 27658, the Alberta Utilities Commission (the Commission) finalizes the issues list for addressing standards of service and maximum investment levels for residential services. In September, the Commission put forward a preliminary list of issues for consideration. The Commission received comments on the preliminary issues from ATCO Electric Ltd. (ATCO), EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc., ENMAX Power Corporation, FortisAlberta Inc., the Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations, the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate, and Melcor Developments Ltd. The Commission developed the following list based on these submissions.[1]

Issues List Summary[2]

  • The goal of setting MILs.
  • Whether MILs should be eliminated.
  • If MILs are not eliminated, determining the types of costs that should be eligible for MILs.
  • Deciding whether the prior MILs principles referenced in Decision 2010-309 are relevant and result in reasonable rates.
  • The scope of work that developers expect completed in exchange for MILs.
  • The electrical infrastructure the developer or homeowner is responsible for installing.
  • The average cost of providing electrical service to new greenfield residential developments.
  • The proportion of new connection costs to be recovered through MILs.
  • The developer and distribution facility owner (DFO) costs for consideration in MILs.
  • The timing of a utility investing in new residential services (i.e., once the infrastructure is in place, or when an end-use customer has bought a home and has enrolled with a utility service?).
  • The effect of performance-based regulation (PBR) on MILs.
  • Whether the developer or the municipality is responsible for street lighting.

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