Commercial and Market Matters

Our business planning and development services are complimented by the staff’s strong commercial expertise and analytical abilities. Our consultants provide expert implementation of competitive procurement processes, economic analysis, analysis of business opportunities and market outcomes, support for the negotiation of commercial agreements and joint ventures, analysis of transfer pricing, and contract dispute resolution.

Chymko’s expertise is in the following areas:

  • Reviews of the utility industry in Canadian jurisdictions including the electric ancillary services markets and pricing methodologies.
  • Evaluation of economic, political, market, regulatory and operational considerations.
  • Development of competitive procurement processes for electric (including green) and natural gas supply including risk mitigation strategies.
  • Development of commercial arrangements for the purchase of energy; design, construction and operation of facilities; and operating and management agreements.
  • New generation technologies analysis including wind, biomass, fuel cell and others.
  • Financial and economic analysis of business opportunities.
  • Evaluation of transfer pricing models, service quality and minimum standards, and capital financing.