Market Research and Resource Planning

Chymko Consulting applies its staff’s knowledge of energy markets and expertise in resource planning to assist clients in managing their energy portfolios and evaluating opportunities. We are able to develop long and short-term strategies for competitive procurement and integrated resource plans to meet requirements, especially those involving renewable energy.

Chymko Consulting has extensive experience in:

  • Providing senior-level advice to customers on energy procurement and portfolio management.
  • Renewable energy projects, demand-side-management (DSM), and the procurement of green power including Biomass and Wind energy.
  • Evaluation of costs and impacts, financing, reliability and supply issues related to specific generating technologies including co-generation and fuel-cell technology and the valuation of Renewable Energy Credits.
  • Analyzing and evaluating energy and ancillary services markets and their impacts.
  • Evaluating theoretical issues such as congestion management, rate design, transmission rights, export issues and merchant transmission line development to support client’s positions within the marketplace.
  • Assessing contracts based upon technical and commercial merits and facilitating negotiations between clients and third-party energy suppliers.
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