The Commission’s Decision on ATCO and Apex’s 2023 Cost-of-Service Review

In proceeding 26616, the Alberta Utilities Commission (the “Commission) issues its decision regarding the cost-of-service review for both ATCO Gas (“ATCO”) and Apex Utilities Inc. (“Apex”) in preparation for the third term of performance-based regulation (“PBR3”).


Readers may remember our previous article summarizing ATCO and Apex’s cost-of-service rebasing application whereby both utilities realign their distribution facility owner costs and revenues in preparation for PBR3. The intervenors argued that the applicants had not demonstrated how they would share efficiencies with ratepayers, that efficiencies should be quantified, that the applicants’ cost escalators overstate actual costs, and that certain capital projects should be excluded from each applicant’s rate base. The applicants responded by stating their efficiencies would be shared through lower rates, that their escalators are based on reasonable factors, and that the capital projects under question are prudent and necessary.

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