2023 Maximum Investment Levels Decision

In Proceeding 27658, the Alberta Utilities Commission (the Commission) sets the maximum investment levels (MILs) for 2023 that a distribution facility owner (DFO) can contribute to the cost of connecting a new customer to its system. Therefore, the 2023 MILs for each DFO will be set by escalating the 2022 MILs by a 2.68 percent inflation factor.[1]

2023 Maximum Investment Levels (MILs)

Individual developers are responsible for constructing electric utility infrastructure inside new residential developments within FortisAlberta Inc., ATCO Electric Ltd., and EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc. (the DFOs) service areas. After completing construction, the developer passes infrastructure ownership back to the DFO and receives compensation from the DFO according to the approved MILs. Any costs beyond the MILs fall to the developer.[2]

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